EQ Travel

Take that well-deserved holiday whilst you, your loved ones and your personal belongings are being protected.


  • Personal Accident

    Pays double for accidental death or permanent disablement whilst overseas and travelling as a fare-paying passenger on a public transport.

  • Medical Expenses

    We pay for medical expenses incurred whilst overseas arising from injury or illness and provides UNLIMITED Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Cover.

  • Travel Inconvenience

    We provide reimbursement for travel & accommodation expenses including cost of obtaining replacement passports, travel tickets and other relevant documents.

  • Sports Equipment Rental

    We pay for loss or damage to the rented sports equipment under your care.

Key Benefits

You may call this 24 Hours Emergency Hotline at (65) 6224 0010 (The Medical Evacuation Assistance Provider is EMA Global Services [EMA]).

You can apply and get instant confirmation of your policy coverage for either single or annual trip through our online application.

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    For enquiries, please call us at 6223 9433 or visit us at 5 Maxwell Road #17-00 Tower Block MND Complex Singapore 069110.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Insured Person(s) must be residing in Singapore, who are Singaporeans, Permanent Resident or Foreigners with a valid Employment Pass, Work Permit, Dependant Pass, Student Pass, or Long-Term Social Visit Pass.

Single Trip Plan: Maximum 2 adults travelling with a maximum of 4 children. The 2 adults need not be related but the child(ren) must each be legally related to either of the 2 adults.

Annual Plan: Maximum 2 adults who are husband and wife and legally married to each other with any number of child(ren) who must be the legal child(ren) of the 2 adults.

Yes, provided your child is aged 18 and above and have applied and paid for an Individual cover.

Single Trip Plan: Coverage is up to 182 days.

Annual Plan: Coverage is up to 91 days for each trip.

EQ Travel can be activated up to 90 days prior to departure from Singapore.

You wont be able to do so as EQ Travel has to be purchased before your departure from Singapore.

You will not be able to claim as EQ Travel will not cover treatment for any pre-existing medical condition for which you are already receiving medical advice or treatment recommendation, medical treatment, diagnosis, consultation or prescribed drugs within a 12 months period prior to your trip.

Yes. EQ Travel will cover the medical expenses necessarily incurred for medical treatment or follow-up treatment in Singapore for an injury or illness sustained whilst overseas for up to 30 days if medical treatment had already been sought overseas or up to 3 days if no prior medical treatment was sought overseas.

You may. However, to be covered for treatments and prescriptions given by a specialist, you must first obtain a referral memo from a General Practitioner (GP), except for children age 7 years and below.

Yes. EQ Travel covers the cost of dental treatment to restore sound and natural teeth caused by an accident.

You won’t be able to do so as EQ Travel does not cover any claims arising from any government intervention, prohibition or regulation.

Yes, EQ Travel covers trip cancellation due to natural disasters at the planned destination. Natural Disaster means earthquakes, tsunamis, flood, typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, volcanic eruption and such forces of nature that have catastrophic consequences.

Yes. EQ Travel covers the administrative fees or charges incurred to enable 1 person to take over your place for the trip due to your death, serious injury, or serious illness under the Section 20 (Replacement Of Traveller).

EQ Travel does not cover loss, damage or theft of insured’s property left unattended in a public place.

Accidents while engaged in;

  1. sprints or racing other than on foot (except for ultra-marathons, biathlons and triathlons which are excluded); motor rallies and competitions; rock climbing or abseiling, except on man-made walls; mountaineering at mountains; coasteering; pot-holing; expeditions; hunting trips; hiking or trekking above the height of 3,000 metres sea level; any activities involving the use of a bobsleigh or skeleton; off-piste skiing;
  2. underwater diving activities, unless it’s for leisure purpose involving artificial breathing apparatus and no deeper than 30 metres, and You must hold a recognized PADI certification (or similar recognised diving qualification) and is diving with a buddy who holds a PADI certification (or similar recognised diving qualification) or with a qualified diving instructor;
  3. canoeing, kayaking or white-water rafting, unless with a qualified guide and below Grade 4 (of International Scale of River Difficulty); and
  4. any activity involving You being airborne (whether suspended or not) not limiting to parachuting, wingsuit flying, hand gliding, bungee jumping, zip lining, skydiving, helicopter or high diving.

We do not cover any claims that falls under the exclusion clause; “An event or circumstance such as a Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion, impending Natural Disasters, that is publicly known to have happened or about to happen, or an event that is reasonably known to You, at the time You purchased this insurance.”

You may refer to the link for the document checklist here.

  • Single Trip Plan: No refund of premium once the Certificate of Insurance has been issued
  • Annual Plan: We will charge or refund the premium as follows: 
 Period of Cover  Short-Period Premium Refundable (%) 
 2 months and below   75%
 4 months and below 60%
 6 months and below 40%
 8 months and below 20%
10 months and below 10%
More than 10 months 0%

(A) For policy purchased before 1 June 2021, you may call this 24 Hours Emergency Help Line at (65) 6672 5091 (The Medical Evacution Assistance Provider is Global Assistance & Healthcare [GAH])

(B) For policy purchased before on and after 1 June 2021, you may call this 24 Hours Emergency Help Line at (65) 6244 0010 (The Medical Evacution Assistance Provider is EMA Global Services [EMA])