Private Motor / Commercial Vehicle

Claim Steps

: In The Event Of An Accident In Singapore:

Please call our EQI Claims Hotline at (65) 6311 3211. We will dispatch our EQI field officer to the scene of the accident to assist you.

: Keep Calm And Wait

Our field officer will record the accident details, take any necessary photographs, complete the claims form and submit the accident form to the General Insurance Association (GIA) electronically on your behalf. The field officer will also arrange for your car to be towed to our nearest Authorised Workshop if your car cannot be driven.

: Accident Reporting

If you choose not to report to our field officer at the scene of the accident, please note that you will still need to report all accidents to any of the EQ Insurance Authorised workshops (refer to link/form below) within 24 hours immediately after the accident or latest by the next working day. This is required in all cases, whether or not your vehicle has suffered any visible damage and whether or not you intend to claim against your own policy or any other party.

*Do not admit liability, make an offer/settlement/promise with any third party(ies) without our prior consent.

: Breakdown & Towing Service Assistance

If you need vehicle breakdown and towing services or details for the nearest authorised workshop in your location, please call our EQI Claims Hotline: (65) 6311 3211.

If you require motor accident and breakdown service, please contact EQI Claims hotline:(65) 6311 3211.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are required to lodge a police report if the accident involves:

A. Injury to any parties
B. A government vehicle or government property
C. A foreign vehicle
D. Pedestrian or cyclist
E. "Hit-And-Run" case

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