EQ Maid

This comprehensive package not only provides the benefits as required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) but also includes coverage that will ensure your foreign domestic worker is well taken care of.


  • Legal Liabilities

    We will indemnify you against legal liability arising from claims by your foreign domestic maid at Common Law of up to S$5,000 in any one accident / in aggregate.

  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses

    We pay up to S$30,000 in Hospital and Surgical Expenses (per year limit) in Singapore Government Restructured Hospital (6-Bedded).

  • Wages Compensation

    We pay up to S$30 per day for Wages & Levy Reimbursement (Maximum 30 days).

  • Insurance Guarantee

    We will provide a Letter of Guarantee to MOM in lieu of the S$5,000 cash deposit.

  • Personal Accident

    We pay up S$60,000 in the event of an accidental death or permanent disablement.

Key Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

The reimbursement limits your S$5,000 bond liability to S$250 if the breach of the bond is not due to your negligence or fault. It is an optional feature in EQ Maid. Every foreign domestic maid employer in Singapore has to place S$5,000 as a deposit with Ministry of Manpower. If the foreign domestic maid abscons or gets pregnant, for example, the employer may lose the entire sum or the bond will be called up. However, if you add this option, you will be able to limit your liability to only S$250.

Yes, you can add within the first 30 days from the effective date of the policy but your liability increases to S$500.

Our guarantees come together as part of the EQ Maid Insurance package.

For every insurance and bond, there will be an additional 2 months cover as this is a requirement by MOM. It is a precaution that in any event/ reason the foreign domestic maid overstay in Singapore after her work permit expired, she is still covered under the insurance. For EQ Maid, the premium is charged on a 12 or 24 months period, no additional premium is charged for the extra 2 months.

MOM will only issue a work permit that will expire one month before the passport expires.

We will electronically transmit to MOM the guarantee bond records from Monday to Friday. For new foreign domestic maid cases, policy/guarantee details will be transmitted to the MOM within 7 calendar days of the insurance effective date. For renewal of work permit, policy/guarantee details will be transmitted to the MOM within 35 calendar days of the insurance effective date.

EQ Insurance is acting as a guarantor by providing a Letter of Guarantee to MOM on behalf of the employers so that they can apply for a foreign domestic maid without paying S$5,000 cash upfront to MOM. In the event that either employer or foreign domestic maid has breached the MOM's rules and conditions, MOM will call up the bond from EQI which we will in turn recover from you.

Medical expenses are for accidents only and you can only claim for out-patient treatments. For example, if your foreign domestic maid accidentally cuts her hand and is treated as an out-patient whilst receiving a few sitches. The Hospital and Surgical expenses covers both accidents and illnesses and expenses have to be incurred as an inpatient. E.g. maid is admitted to hospital for day surgery. However, if illness is a pre-existing condition, then it is not claimable.